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through your patient support program.

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Our services

With Avvy, your patient support program is complemented by a range
of healthcare services delivered right to your patients’ homes.

Laboratory blood tests

such as electrolytes, diabetes, cholesterol and more

Prenatal Tests
Ensure a healthy pregnancy

Strep Tests

Throat culture to screen for Group A streptococcus


Precise results for your cardiovascular health

Why use Avvy?


Book your patients an Avvy visit in moments. Help your patients start their regiment faster. We’ll ensure their follow-up visits stay consistent. 


The experience is an essential part of your patients’ journeys. Help your patients avoid the hassle of traveling to and from appointments while avoiding long clinic waits.


Protect vulnerable patients by making it easier for them to access the support they need at home.

How to get started

Contact Avvy’s Partnerships team to set up your Patient Support account

We’ll provide your team with a customized QR code for your patients to use.

Patients scan the code with a smartphone, taking them to download the Avvy app on either Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Using this dedicated portal, they can create a profile and order a healthcare service at home through your Patient Support Program offering.