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Daily Hive headline: Avvy app first of its kind

Media cover how Avvy App is helping Montrealers get the healthcare they need

TVA & Daily Hive Montreal showcase Avvy’s role in helping people to easily access healthcare services at home

The Montreal buzz for Avvy Health is building. Over the September 17 weekend, several Montreal media outlets featured Avvy Health’s innovative app technology.

They join CITY TV Montreal in covering the new digital health service. 

Montreal Buzz: TVA features Avvy App’s technology

On Sunday, September 18, TVA ran a French-language story, “Un «Uber» de la santé ,” that showcased how easy it is for people in Greater Montreal to use Avvy to order routine health services at home, including flu shots and blood tests. 

The segment also included interviews with Lou, an Avvy healthcare provider, and Farah Ahmed, who has used Avvy to book routine healthcare services at home, such as a blood test for her child.  

Read the full story on TVA’s website [TVA is a French-language outlet].

Daily Hive Montreal features the Avvy App

On Friday, September 16, Montreal’s Daily Hive also featured Avvy’s technology in “A Canadian First: Montreal app is redefining accessible at-home healthcare.” Al Sciola interviewed Avvy CEO Oren Sebag.

Here’s an excerpt:

Since it was launched in early 2022, Avvy‘s goal has been to deliver an “easy, convenient, patient experience while changing the way healthcare is delivered.” And over the past year, it has connected thousands of people across Montreal with medical professionals.

People have been able to receive a variety of tests from the comfort of their homes. From EKGs to COVID-19 tests to blood tests, most of Avvy’s services are affordable and covered by basic insurance.

We spoke with Registered Nurse and Avvy CEO Oren Sebag to discuss how the app works and what plans his team has for expanding the platform to the rest of the country.

“We provide on-demand healthcare services through that application the same way you would order food from your favourite restaurant,” explains Sebag. “The application has the same type of platform that allows you to dispatch a healthcare professional at your convenience. So whether it’s at work, whether it’s at home, whether it’s at a hotel, we’re able to be there when you want and where you want.”

The idea for the service came about when Sebag, a nurse of 20 years and counting, began doing at-home care at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I realized that there was a need for it — a need for on-demand, at-home services. Through a couple of different physicians, who already had the platform set up, we decided to join forces and I signed on as CEO.”

Sebag says that Avvy is the first app of its kind in Canada, and “probably in the world.” He says that constructing the service from the ground up on a local level has been a key factor in its success. “We didn’t buy a platform, we actually built the platform from scratch.”

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