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(MONTREAL, QC) October 4, 2022 Avvy Health, the first company in Canada to use an app to bring healthcare services to people at home, now offers an Employer Program for companies. 

Avvy Health now offers an Employer Program for companies to offer as part of a competitive benefits package.

Avvy is the first Canadian health app to match patients with qualified practitioners who will drive to their residence to provide a range of services. The service, available for both iPhone and Android users, launched on the Island of Montreal in February 2022 and has expanded rapidly to include major cities in Quebec. 

“Employers want creative ways to help employees protect their health and wellbeing while standing out in an increasingly competitive compensation landscape,” says Oren Sebag, CEO of Avvy Health and a registered nurse. “Through the Employer Program, Avvy users with a corporate account can easily access convenient healthcare at home, either for themselves or on behalf of a loved one. It’s also a great complement to existing telemedicine options.”  

The Employer Program will help companies to: 

  • Help employees manage health needs while remaining productive (e.g., avoiding time away for clinic waits)
  • Reduce costs and absenteeism
  • Attract top talent 
  • Expand virtual offerings to include in-person health services (e.g., a follow-up blood test) 

All Avvy services are included with the platform, including: 

  • Flu shots and vaccinations 
  • Blood and strep tests 
  • EKG monitoring 
  • Ear cleaning
  • And more

“Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, Avvy makes it simpler and more convenient to access healthcare services when and where you need it,” says Sebag. “It’s the next evolution for Employee Assistance Programs. 

The program is currently available in major cities in Quebec. For more information about the Employer Program, including expansion opportunities, call 1-866-288-9277 or email info@avvyapp.com. 

About Avvy Health

Avvy is the first mobile platform to connect qualified healthcare providers with Canadians looking to access healthcare services from the comfort and safety of home. The company’s mission is to deliver a seamless, safe and secure experience for both patients and providers. Avvy is currently available in major cities in Quebec, with plans to expand to other Canadian cities. Users can download the app for both Apple and Android smartphones.    

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