Avvy Health Adds Prenatal Care to Home Healthcare Service Menu

Avvy users can order the Harmony Prenatal Test from the comfort of their own homes

(MONTREAL, QC) August 17, 2022 —Avvy Health, the first company in Canada to offer mobile-based home healthcare services, has added the Harmony Prenatal Test to its service offering. With the Avvy app, expectant parents can now order the test on a smartphone to access crucial genetic information when it’s convenient for them.

Developed and manufactured by Roche, the Harmony prenatal test is non-invasive and can be performed as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy. Using one vial of the mother’s blood, the Harmony test screens for Down Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome/trisomy 18, and Patau Syndrome/trisomy 13 with more than 99% accuracy.

Should the parents choose, the Harmony test can also provide accurate information about the baby’s gender 10 weeks ahead of traditional ultrasound screenings, which offer a less accurate technique.

“Expecting a baby is an exciting time in the life of a growing family,” says Stephanie Kattas, Vice-President of Operations for Avvy Health. “Yet pregnancy can also create great uncertainty, particularly for families who choose to have children later in life. With the Harmony prenatal care service, expectant parents don’t have to wait for vital genetic information about their baby. They can make decisions and plan for their futures—and, as a parent and planner myself, I know firsthand how powerful that knowledge can be.” 

Avvy is the first Canadian health app to match patients with qualified practitioners who will drive to their residence to provide a range of services. Available for both iPhone and Android users, Avvy launched on the Island of Montreal in February 2022 and has expanded rapidly to include Montreal’s surrounding areas.

“The Harmony test offers a strong alternative to either traditional amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, which require cell samples from the amniotic fluid or placenta,” says Dr. Nathaniel Bouganim, co-founder of Avvy and chief science officer. “The procedures require an ultrasound-guided needle and a visit to the clinic, both of which may contribute to the family’s stress about the birth. Being able to order a simple blood test at home as early as 10 weeks gives families more options.”

To book a Harmony Prenatal Test appointment, download the Avvy app and create a profile.

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Avvy is the first mobile platform to connect qualified healthcare providers with Canadians looking to access healthcare services from the comfort and safety of home. The company’s mission is to deliver a seamless, safe and secure experience for both patients and providers. Avvy is currently available on the Island of Montreal, with plans to expand to other Canadian cities. Users can download the app for both Apple and Android smartphones.

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