Avvy Health acquires MDrsvp, a Montreal-based leader in tailored home healthcare

(MONTREAL, QC) July 7, 2022Avvy Health, the first company in Canada to offer mobile-based home healthcare services, has acquired MDrsvp, a leading home healthcare company based in Montreal, QC. 

Avvy is the first Canadian health app to match patients with qualified practitioners who will drive to their residence to provide a range of services. The service, available for both iPhone and Android users, launched on the Island of Montreal in February 2022 and has expanded rapidly to include Montreal’s surrounding areas.

Over three years, MDrsvp perfected the at-home healthcare service experience using one of the first mobile healthcare units dedicated to Covid-19 testing, blood tests, and immunizations. Between contracts with movie sets, special events, and individuals looking for convenient healthcare services, MDrsvp catered to over 100,000 individuals while providing a tailored, personalized experience. 

Both companies were founded during the pandemic to address changing patient needs for healthcare. Under the acquisition’s terms, MDrsvp CEO Oren Sebag was appointed as CEO of Avvy Health. Many MDrsvp team members have also joined the Avvy team to continue providing a convenient, accessible experience to patients at home, grounded in clinical expertise and first-hand experience. 

Through the Avvy app, patients connect directly with healthcare practitioners when and where it works for them. Patients can create a profile for themselves and their immediate family members, request an “ASAP” service, or select a date and time for an appointment. 

All of Avvy’s data is stored on a secure cloud platform, housed in Canada. Overseen by a clinical leadership group that includes several physicians based in Montreal, the app requires a convenience fee to access services. Patients can submit blood work requisitions or vaccine prescriptions from their physicians.   

“The MDrsvp team has been a great partner to Fontaine Sante for all our healthcare-related needs and Covid-19 screening while we focused on employee safety at our plant. We look forward to working with Avvy in the near future.”
~ Melissa Latifi, president of Fontaine Sante 

“I’m very excited to join the Avvy Health team. Like MDrsvp, Avvy was born to respond to the changing demands that the pandemic placed on patient access to care. Scheduling a blood test or other routine appointment has always meant delays and hassle. We’ve seen increased reluctance to visit hospitals, clinics or lab facilities out of fear of infection. Now, we believe that the trend toward saving time and minimizing risk to vulnerable family members is here to stay. Partnering with Avvy to deliver those services via an app made sense.” ~ Oren Sebag, CEO of Avvy Health and former Administrator of MDrsvp 

“Oren and the team built a successful in-person experience for patients in Montreal during a short period of time. As a registered nurse, he understands both the clinical and financial sides of the business, as well as the unique challenges to digital health. We’re excited to welcome him to the Avvy team, and look forward to applying lessons learned in the Montreal pilot to other cities in Canada in the near future through our technology.” ~ Dr. Ramy Saleh, Chief Technical Officer of Avvy Health 

About Avvy Health
Avvy is the first mobile platform to connect qualified healthcare providers with Canadians looking to access healthcare services from the comfort and safety of home. The company’s mission is to deliver a seamless, safe and secure experience for both patients and providers. Avvy is currently available on the Island of Montreal, with plans to expand to other Canadian cities. Users can download the app for both Apple and Android smartphones.    

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Elizabeth Monier-Williams
Avvy Health

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